It’s time to have “the talk.”

Perhaps your parent has fallen and is now weaker and more unstable.  Perhaps their spouse has passed and they’re alone with the responsibilities of a house or farm.  Or perhaps they are showing signs of early dementia and you have a whole new set of concerns.

It’s time to talk about senior housing options.

You know you’ll be met with resistance!  No one likes the thought of leaving their home, their personal space and the structure that houses their independence and a lifetime of memories.  It’s a terribly difficult discussion that’s painful for everyone involved.

But there’s another option that might be a better choice!

Show Me Systems out of Springfield, Missouri provides seniors the option of using the BeClose System.  This system, installed in a loved one’s home, provides information to caregivers on the patterns, behaviors and whereabouts of their parent inside of their residence. It also provides alerts on your mobile device to make you aware of a new development.

Let’s take a closer look.

With the BeClose System, a series of intelligent sensors would be installed inside your family member’s residence. Throughout the day and night, these sensors discretely record patterns of your loved one’s behavior.

Show Me Systems works with you to put together a package of sensors that best fit your needs.  They could include door sensors for the front and back doors, open/close sensors for the medicine cabinet or refrigerator, and motion sensors to detect room to room movement. There can also be a bed pad sensor to monitor their time spent in bed or a chair pad to detect if they’re resting in their favorite spot.

The Caregiver Dashboard

As a caregiver, you can simply and discreetly access the data from the sensor readings. This allows you to have insights into their activity and wellness.

By logging in, you can see the “Sensor View” dashboard in REAL TIME. This would show you how long they were in bed, if the medicine cabinet was opened or if there was movement in the living room. The “Behaviors View” dashboard can give you insight into what an average day looks like. You can view daily activities to spot irregularities in a daily routine.

You can pick up on trends such as your mom has been using the bathroom significantly more this last week. Could she have a UTI or bladder infection?  You could see that the medicine cabinet hasn’t been opened in days and they’re forgetting to take their meds.  Or even more importantly, you can detect there’s been steady movement in the hallway for an hour…perhaps dad’s fallen!


Notifications can be customized and sent to a caregiver’s device via text, email or automated phone message. Examples of these notifications can be “missed medication,” “unusual activity,” or “external doors being opened during the night.”

These notifications can be priceless!  If your loved one is showing signs of early dementia, for example, and they open the back door at 2:30 am, you need to know immediately!  You can call their neighbor or the police to locate them quickly before the situation gets worse.

Cost Savings

Another thought to consider is the overall cost savings that an in-home remote monitoring system can provide.  Compared to assisted living or long term care facilities, the BeClose System is significantly less!  Nursing home stays can be thousands of dollars a month. Once you purchase the system equipment, the monthly monitoring fees for BeClose are around $100 a month. Significant savings!

Is the BeClose System right for you?

Show Me Systems recommends BeClose for the following situations:

  1. A loved one who is not ready for assisted living but wants to feel more secure
  2. Someone who IS ready for assisted living but cannot afford to do so
  3. A family member or caregiver who lives far away but wants to have insight into their loved one’s needs and behaviors.

It’s nice to have options!

As with so many things these days, technology can change the game!  It’s no different when it comes to the care of your aging parent.

The BeClose System provides safety and security for your loved one while allowing them to remain in the home they love.  As their caregiver, you can receive helpful information on their day to day life that allows you keep close watch without being intrusive.

To find out more about the BeClose System contact Show Me Systems at (417)-582-5446 or email them at

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