Stop paying too much for your prescriptions with GoodRx

Does the price you pay for your loved one’s prescription medication leave you shocked?  Do you ever wonder if there’s a resource available to help scout out the lowest prices?  Well, I’ve got good news! may be just the help you need! is a website that collects and compares prices for every FDA-approved prescription drug at more than 70,000 US pharmacies.  When you visit the site you search for the medication, type in your zip code, and it will generate the lowest price for several pharmacies near you.

Once you compare the prices and find the lowest, you can print a coupon to take to the pharmacy.  You can choose, instead, to email or text yourself the coupon if you find those options more convenient.

So How Does Work?

I wondered the same thing so I called the customer service number.  Here’s a few details they shared with me:

  • First and foremost, you will either choose to use the coupon from GoodRx OR run it through your insurance and pay the copay.  GoodRx does NOT work in conjunction with your insurance.  The coupon is a CASH-PAY option!
  • GoodRx is designed to work primarily with generics but can offer savings on branded medications as well.
  • Since this is independent of your insurance, it doesn’t matter if you have private insurance or Medicare Part D.
  • As an example, if you’ve always paid a $30 copay for your generic Lipitor you may find a coupon for $9.35. If so, take the coupon to your pharmacy, ask them NOT to run the prescription through your insurance and instead, give them the coupon.  Pay $9.35 in cash and you’re set!
  • There is no sign-up or activation! Hallelujah!  You’re not put on a list and bombarded with emails or phone calls.

Other Helpful Tips

When you visit you begin by typing in the name of the medication and click on “find the lowest price”.   It will generate a screen that shows an image of the drug and a small blurb about its use.  Directly under the image you’ll see a blue box that says “Prescription Settings” as you can see in this image:

Stop paying too much for prescriptions with

Make sure you adjust these settings to correctly reflect your prescription.  Select if you want generic or brand, what the milligram dosage is, and how many TOTAL tablets you need.  If you take this medication 1x a day you need 30 tablets, if it take it 3x a day, you need 90 tablets!!!

After adjusting the prescription settings, look below that section and you’ll see “Lowest prices near”.  You’ll click there to input your zip code, which generates the list of local pharmacies.

Check Out the GoodRx Mobile App!

The website states that GoodRx is the #1 medical app for iOS and Android.  You can get prescriptions on-the-go with coupons built right into the app.  Just show your pharmacist the coupon using your iPhone or Android smartphone!

Stop paying too much for prescriptions with

Real-World Example

I was first made aware of by a friend of mine.  She had recently received a diagnosis for an autoimmune disease and was shocked at the cost of her medication.  She showed me the app on her phone with the price comparisons.

The pharmacy she’d always used was a hospital pharmacy located near her home.  They wanted $150 a month for the drug when they ran it through her insurance.  She found a cash coupon from GoodRx for $33 a month at another pharmacy!!


Save Money for Your Loved One

As a caregiver, you can spend a significant amount of time managing your loved one’s medications as well as their finances! can help simplify both battles and put you back in control of sky-high medication costs.  Visit the website or download the app and see if GoodRx can save you money today!

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