It happens every time!

I’m at a customer’s home, training them how to use their new medical alert pendant…their adult child is there with us and listening attentively…

I’m filling out their profile questionnaire and I come to “THE” question….

“If paramedics or a neighbor comes to help you, do they have any way to access the house?  A lockbox?  A hidden key? A garage keypad?”


**parent and child stare at each other in disbelief**

Then they utter the same phrase …at the same time… “I never thought of that”!!

I Never Thought of That!

Sometimes it’s the obvious that slips past us as we’re caring for our elderly loved ones. There are so many fires to put out and each new day provides yet another!

You might spend days going through their house de-cluttering and organizing.   You might be paying their bills or arranging their medications for the week.  Perhaps their laundry is piling up or there’s no food in the fridge.

There’s just SO much to think about… The simple concept that “we can’t help if we can’t get in” doesn’t even show up on the radar!

We Hear Some Crazy Stories!

There’s no shortage of wild stories floating around our office!  Stories of paramedics and neighbors summoning superhero strength or grabbing whatever makeshift “lawn-ornament-sledge-hammer” is within eyesight to knock down a door or window to get to someone inside.

Sadly these tall tales include a hefty price tag!  It’s no fun to add $800 to your list of monthly expenses to pay for a new door, door-frame and installation!

Big Problem, Simple Solution

Good news! Unlike all the other challenges you face, this solution is a piece of cake!  Lockboxes or keypads are excellent options for creating a safe, simple way to enter the home.

A lockbox is simply a small box that is either hung on your door handle or attached to your property using heavy-duty screws. Lockboxes come in a variety of sizes and are a perfect place to store a spare key.

Keyless entry systems are a more expensive option, however, offer great access to the home without the hassle of a key.  By simply punching in the code, the door unlocks and access is immediate.

Here are a few of Amazon’s Picks for top lockboxes and keypads:

Amazon’s Top Pick for lockbox to hang on your door handle:

Amazon’s Top Pick for Wall Mounted Lock Box:

If you’d rather have a keypad built into your door, this all-in-one door handle is a great choice.  This is Amazon’s Top Pick:


Perhaps you’d prefer a wireless keypad to open the garage door instead.  Here’s Amazon’s Top Pick:


Every Minute Counts!

When your loved one is inside their home and needs help every minute counts!  Taking time to install a keypad or lockbox can save precious time and prevent costly repair bills.  Sure it might be slightly amusing to watch the neighbor hurl a bird bath through the front window, but the cost and hassle of repairs is no laughing matter.

Take the time, be prepared and check that worry off your list!

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